Sather Classical Lectures

Die Sather Classical Lectures sind eine wissenschaftliche Publikationsreihe, die seit 1921 bei der University of California Press erscheint. Den Bänden der Reihe liegen Vorlesungen der Sather Professors an der University of California, Berkeley zugrunde.

Liste der Bände

1John A. ScottThe Unity of Homer1921
2Herbert Weir SmythAeschylean Tragedy1924Nachdrucke 1966, 1969
3Terrot R. GloverHerodotus1924Nachdruck 1969
4Duane Reed StuartEpochs of Greek and Roman Biography1925Nachdrucke 1928, 1967
5John BurnetPlatonism1928Nachdruck 1983
6John Linton MyresWho Were the Greeks?1930Nachdruck 1967
7Tenney FrankLife and Literature in the Roman Republic1930Nachdrucke 1957, 1971
8Martin Persson NilssonThe Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology1932Nachdruck 1933, 1963
9Arthur Leslie WheelerCatullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry1934Nachdruck 1974
10Cyril BaileyPhases in the Religion of Ancient Rome1932Nachdrucke 1972, 1981
11Robert J. BonnerAspects of Athenian Democracy1933Nachdruck 1967
12John Wight DuffRoman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life1936Nachdrucke 1937, 1964
13Werner JaegerDemosthenes: the Origin and Growth of his Policy1938
14Paul ShoreyPlatonism Ancient and Modern1938
15Samuel Eliot BassettThe Poetry of Homer1938Neuausgabe 2003
16Herbert Jennings RoseThe Eclogues of Vergil1942
17Axel W. PerssonThe Religion of Greece in Prehistoric Times1942
18Hermann FränkelOvid: a Poet between Two Worlds1945Deutsche Übersetzung: Ovid – ein Dichter zwischen zwei Welten. Darmstadt 1970
19Gilbert NorwoodPindar1945Nachdruck 1956
20Rhys CarpenterFolk Tale, Fiction and Saga in the Homeric Epic1946Nachdruck 1974
21Max L. W. LaistnerThe Greater Roman Historians1947Nachdruck 1971
22Lily Ross TaylorParty Politics in the Age of Caesar1949
23Levi Arnold PostFrom Homer to Menander: forces in Greek poetic fiction1951
24John D. BeazleyThe Development of Attic Black-Figure1951überarbeitete Neuausgabe 1981
25Eric Robertson DoddsThe Greeks and the Irrational1951bis 2004 zwölfmal nachgedruckt; deutsche Übersetzung: Die Griechen und das Irrationale. Darmstadt 1970, ²1991
26André-Jean FestugièrePersonal Religion among the Greeks1954
27Arnold Wycombe GommeThe Greek Attitude to Poetry and History1954
28Jakob LarsenRepresentative Government in Greek and Roman History1955
29Joshua WhatmoughPoetic, Scientific and Other Forms of Discourse1956
30Frank E. AdcockThe Greek and Macedonian Art of War1957
31Denys Lionel PageHistory and the Homeric Iliad1959neun Nachdrucke bis 1976
32Benjamin Dean MerittThe Athenian year1961
33Ronald SymeSallust1964deutsche Übersetzung von Udo W. Scholz, Darmstadt 1975
34Bruno SnellScenes from Greek Drama1964
35Bernard MacGregor Walker KnoxThe Heroic Temper: Studies in Sophoclean Tragedy1964
36Humphrey Davy Findley KittoPoiesis: Structure and Thought1966
37Ben Edwin PerryThe Ancient Romances. A Literary-Historical Account of Their Origins1967
38William Bedell StanfordThe Sound of Greek: Studies in the Greek Theory and Practice of Euphony1967
39Kenneth DoverLysias and the Corpus Lysiacum1968
40Geoffrey KirkMyth: Its Meanings and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures1970
41Hugh Lloyd-JonesThe Justice of Zeus1971
42Frank W. WalbankPolybius1972
43Moses I. FinleyThe Ancient Economy1971Zweite Auflage London 1985
44Edward J. KenneyThe Classical Text. Aspects of Editing in the Age of the Printed Book1974
45Gordon Willis WilliamsChange and Decline. Roman Literature in the Early Empire1978
46Emily VermeuleAspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetry1979
47Walter BurkertStructure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual1979
48Albrecht DihleThe Theory of Will in Classical Antiquity1982
49C. John HeringtonPoetry into Drama. Early Tragedy and the Greek Poetic Tradition1985
50Christian HabichtPausanias’ Guide to Ancient Greece1985deutsche Übersetzung: Pausanias und seine Beschreibung Griechenlands. München 1985
51Wendell Vernon ClausenVirgil’s Aeneid and the Tradition of Hellenistic Poetry1987
52Geoffrey LloydThe Revolutions of Wisdom: Studies in the Claims and Practice of Ancient Greek Science1987
53Anthony SnodgrassAn Archaeology of Greece. The Present and Future Scope of a Discipline1988
54Arnaldo MomiglianoThe Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography1990
55Averil CameronChristianity and the Rhetoric of Empire: The Development of Christian Discourse1991
56Emilio GabbaDionysius and The History of Archaic Rome1991
57Bernard WilliamsShame and Necessity1993
58Glen BowersockFiction as History. Nero to Julian1994
59Paul ZankerThe Mask of Socrates. The Image of the Intellectual in Antiquity1995
60Gian Biagio ConteThe Hidden Author: An Interpretation of Petronius’ Satyricon1996
61Alexander NehamasThe Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault1998
62Anne Pippin BurnettRevenge in Attic and Later Tragedy1998
63Brunilde Sismondo RidgwayPrayers in Stone: Greek Architectural Sculpture (c. 600–100 B.C.E.)1999
64Fergus MillarA Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief under Theodosius II (408–450)2006
65Denis FeeneyCaesar’s Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History2007
66David SedleyCreationism and Its Critics in Antiquity2008
67Gregory NagyHomer the Preclassic2011
68Michael FredeA Free Will: Origins of the Notion in Ancient Thought2011
69Roger S. BagnallEveryday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East2011Paperback 2012
70Helene P. FoleyReimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage2012
71Mary BeardReimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage2015
72Robert ParkerGreek Gods Abroad: Names, Natures, and Transformations2017
73Tonio HölscherVisual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome2018