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  • 29. Apr.: Robert Topel · Susanne Lüdemann
  • 27. Apr.: Billy Williams (Baseballspieler) · Ernie Banks
  • 26. Apr.: Ryne Sandberg
  • 25. Apr.: Jean Beauvoir · Terry Ruskowski
  • 19. Apr.: Tim Higgins
  • 12. Apr.: Bob Fenimore
  • 11. Apr.: Jason Wheeler (Pokerspieler)
  • 10. Apr.: Pullman National Monument



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Map of Illinois highlighting Cook County.svg
This is a locator map showing Cook County in Illinois. For more information, see Commons:United States county locator maps.
Flag of the United States.svg
The flag of Navassa Island is simply the United States flag. It does not have a "local" flag or "unofficial" flag; it is an uninhabited island. The version with a profile view was based on Flags of the World and as a fictional design has no status warranting a place on any Wiki. It was made up by a random person with no connection to the island, it has never flown on the island, and it has never received any sort of recognition or validation by any authority. The person quoted on that page has no authority to bestow a flag, "unofficial" or otherwise, on the island.
Autor/Urheber: User:JeremyA, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 2.5
A Red Line CTA train approaches Cermak-Chinatown station through Cermak Junction in January 2004. Amongst other buildings the Sears Tower is prominent in the background.
Home Insurance Building.JPG
Exterior of the Home Insurance Building by architect William Le Baron Jenney in Chicago, Illinois.
Seattle Flag.svg

City of Seattle

, Lizenz: PD-Amtliches Werk

Flagge von Seattle

Autor/Urheber: Tage Olsin, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 2.0
A baseball.
Stairwell at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.jpg
Autor/Urheber: Kables, Lizenz: CC BY 2.0
Stairwell at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
Stairwell, Chicago