Mare Australe

Mare Australe
Mare Australe.jpg
Mare Australe
Mare Australe (Mond Äquatorregion)
Mare Australe
Position40,41° S, 94,47° O
Durchmesser612 km
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Mare Australe (lateinisch „Südliches Meer“) ist ein Mondmeer, das sich am südöstlichen Rand der erdabgewandten Seite des Erdmondes befindet.

Die Oberfläche ist dunkelfarbig, da das Meer von vulkanischem Basalt bedeckt ist.


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Mare Australe.jpg
en:Mare Australe is located in the southeastern hemisphere

of the moon. It overlaps the near and far sides of the moon, and is 603 miles in diameter. The basin containing the mare is of the Pre-Nectarian epoch, while the actual mare material is of the Upper Imbrian epoch. Smooth, dark volcanic basalt lines the bottom of the mare. Notice the crater Jenner in the middle of the photo, this is an Imbrian crater that was later filled with mare basalt. Just to the

left of Jenner is the crater Lamb.
Moon Map - Equatorial region 45S to 45N - LPC1 - NASA.jpg
NASA lunar chart of equatorial region (latitudes 45S to 45N) 1 : 10.000.000 (LPC-1).